A Friend’s Guide to Loyalty Programs and Online Casino Bonuses

Loyalty programs are a way for casinos to show appreciation to its regulars. Loyalty programs, in essence, are incentives for continuing patronage. Our online casino bonus guide will fill you in on all the details of these rewards packages.

Although loyalty programs have become increasingly widespread, not all of them are equivalent. Those who want to get the most out of their loyalty program experience should research the many programs and online casino operators available to them before committing to any one brand.


To Put It Simply

The greatest loyalty program is one that is open and honest about the benefits it offers, as any reliable online casino bonus guide will tell you. Therefore, it is preferable to simplify.


Premium player loyalty programs will award the player with benefits each and every time they play, regardless of how much money they wager. The frequency of play is emphasized over the total amount wagered at any particular moment.


The cashback loyalty program is a terrific choice since it gives players a return that is directly proportional to the number of loyalty points they have accumulated.


Diversity Is Essential

Many casinos provide players with incentives besides loyalty points. These can range from free spins and birthday bonuses to deposit rewards and even all-expenses-paid trips.


These add a nice touch that helps make gambling overall more fun.


Possible Advantages

While comps for regulars might be rather different from one casino to the next, there are a few staples that any loyalty program should have. These are, according to our online casino bonus guide:


Bonus funds for use in any game, old or new

Incentives for Making a Deposit

Bonus money for doing something (often based on points).

There are no withdrawal caps

Depositing and withdrawing funds incur no costs.

Unique products

VIP Player Vacations

How to Make the Right Decisions

Finding the right loyalty program is all about what works best for you.


For instance, a VIP loyalty program is beneficial if you are a frequent and active (daily) player who spends a lot of money on gaming.


However, loyalty programs with advantages like cashbacks or free games may be more ideal if you are not a daily player or are likely to make smaller and fewer deposits.


Everybody loves a cash rebate.

Always keep an eye out for promotions that contain cashbacks, regardless of the route you take or the online casino brand you end up with.


The best part about cashback is that you get to keep the money you earn and use it anyway you like. Therefore, monetary rebates are an absolute necessity.

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