About Us

Who are we? What are we trying to achieve?


About Us

Who are we? What are we trying to achieve?

Vision Statement

A world where all the refugees are an integrated part of the society in their new country and are viewed as such by the host society.

Mission Statement

“Our House” is a non-profit organisation enabling effective refugee integration, including respectful exchange of cultural awareness between both the arriving and receiving cultures.

Values and Goals of the program

Create opportunity for refugees to find employment that matches their skills and experience.

Provide opportunities for cross cultural friendships from a platform of equality.

Promote the well-being of the refugee community by educating the host community about what it means to be a refugee.

Encourage community hands-on involvement to support the transition of refugees into a new


Advocate for a more hospitable and humanitarian asylum system by providing an example of such

a system.

Providing targeted support for vulnerable refugee subgroups (such as children, youth, elderly…)

Support for refugees finding suitable short and long term accommodation.