In-Depth Look into Slots in the Hexadecimal

Relax Gaming, currently owned by Kindred (Unibet), created the online slot Hex, which digs into the occult and exploits its findings to fuel its features. The main source of Hex’s enchantment is a mystery symbol reveal feature, which appears in the main game and is augmented during free spins. At first glance, Hex may seem like a basic game, and by the standards of Relax Gaming, it is. There is, however, substantial potential and tasty information to be uncovered for the proper student of the black or white arts.

The laboratory where the drama unfolds resembles the settings of Severus Snape’s office and the Mystery Museum by Push Gaming. Speaking of eerie similarities, the game’s logo looks remarkably like that of Peter & Sons. The logo’s origin is as obscure as Hex’s backdrop imagery—a potion, a skull, a flame, and a shelf full of books. Even while Hex may seem a bit conventional for Relax Gaming, it has also been presented rather favorably for players who are eager to find at least a couple of life’s hidden mysteries, thanks to the similarly intriguing music.

The standard layout for Hex’s 243-payline basic game consists of 5 reels and 3 rows, but during free games, the grid grows to 5 reels and 4 rows, for a total of 1,024 chances to win. To begin, players choose bets ranging from 10 p/c to £/€30 each spin, press play, and then, when the reels stop, random symbols with blue frames appear. This is an example of the upcoming Mystery Reveal function. Meanwhile, there are two methods for producing the RTP. The first scenario has a return value of 96.43% while playing normally, whereas the second scenario, in which free spins are purchased, has a return value of 96.58%. It’s important to remember that no matter your strategy, the volatility of this slot is considerable.

Three or more identical symbols anywhere on adjacent reels, beginning on the left, pay out. In Hex, there are 10 symbols, five low-pay and five high-pay, that appear often. In the form of a test tube and four potion bottles resembling the suits from a deck of cards, lows are available. Low-paying winning combinations of five symbols are valued between half and one and a half times the wager. High-paying signs include a bird’s foot, a deck of cards, a snake, a voodoo doll, or a skull. Two to ten times the wager is awarded for a full house. Finally, the wild symbol may appear anywhere on the reels and stand in for any other pay sign. If five wilds appear anywhere in view across the reels, you will receive a reward equal to twenty times your wager.

Unicode: Slot Functions

Hex’s primary bonus feature, Mystery Reveal, appears both in the main game and during free games. The rightmost reel has a chance of displaying Sorceress symbols. When one lands, it and any other symbols bearing frames change into the same kind of symbol. If a Silver Sorceress appears, a landing will cause all symbols to change into the same pay sign. When a Golden Sorceress appears, the symbols become wild.

No Risk Turns

Free games of 7, 10, or 15 are triggered, correspondingly, when 3–5 books appear anywhere in view as scatter symbols. Any time a scatter appears during the bonus round, an extra free spin is added to the total. During the bonus round, the reels expand by one more row, giving players a total of 1,024 possibilities to win. The Mystery Reveal also freezes the location of any altered symbols for the duration of the effect. As the number of free spins accumulates, the number of framed locations might grow proportionally.

Add-On Purchase

If the option to purchase free spins is there, then the RTP would be 96.58% and 100x the total stake would guarantee the player at least three scatter symbols on the following spin.

Decision in a Slot: the Hexadecimal Version

Hex is one of the more traditional slot machines by Relax Gaming that we’ve tested. The conventional reel layout, the framed cells concept, and the symbol morphing capability all contributed to this first impression. Despite having a magical theme, Hex wasn’t as impressive to play as one may expect from a Relax Gaming slot at first. I don’t want to seem like I’m picking on Hex; it’s a good slot machine; I just didn’t find it as interesting or engaging as, say, Chip Spin, Beast Mode, or Deadman’s Trail.

Let me be clear, though: this is not another Deep Descent. Hex is polished to a high sheen, has a good sense of style, and fits the topic effectively. Its primary selling point is also commendable. It’s not very novel, but it’s not overused, either, to randomly frame cells and then turn them into matching symbols or wilds. If this is the kind of tool that piques your curiosity, then you should definitely check out Hex’s contribution. One of the ways in which Hex is more exciting than similar games is that it does not rely on the traditional payline structure. With so many possible combinations, a big number of Mystery Reveal symbols can rapidly add up to a substantial payout. More so if the Golden Sorceress converts regular framed positions become wilds, which is possible but unlikely given how uncommon she was throughout the study.

The primary feature is accessible in the regular game, although the free spins are more desirable due to the rule adjustments. Having an extra row increases the number of symbols and the number of possible winning combinations. The constant framing of cells is what gives free spins their dramatic edge. Gaining a significant advantage in frames might be quite lucrative. If you hit the jackpot, Hex can pay out as much as 25,000 times your wager.

Even if Hex isn’t a Relax Gaming masterpiece, it still has much to offer the appropriate armchair wizard or witch. The group has taken a break from their highly complex work in order to undertake something easier, but no less fascinating, after the appropriate reagents have been combined.

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