• La Serre (map)
  • 171 Rue Gray
  • Ixelles, Bruxelles, 1050
  • Belgium

In February Our House starts serving lunch and brunch at Cammuna, at the same time Our House initiating info session, kitchen regulations course and cooking training program for the refugees.
We would like your help to do a massive cleanup and redecorate the place and reorganize the warehouse.
Our House would be glad to introduce you our staff ( cooks and trainees ) .
It would be a great for us to make people meet together refugees and locals spending social moments exchanging thoughts and get more knowledge about each other’s traditions and cultures.
Our House will Cook Falafel and Hummus to everyone.
It would be nice if each one bring snacks or drinks or food of his cultures.
Would you send us an email to register you on our list please . Thanks a lot .
Could you please also bring your own broom, bucket and rags for cleaning? Thank you!!!