Les Deux Réfugiés

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Photo à Gronoble 2.jpg

Les Deux Réfugiés

from 15.00

The Two Refugees

A play by Ahmad and Mohamad Malas

Saturday/zaterdag/samedi 30/09

Tickets (without buffet) now also available at the door at 10 euros!

From 2pm

Syrian pastries and coffee or tea + performance at 3pm

€ 15

From 6.30pm

Syrian buffet + performance at 8pm

€ 25


VGC Nekkersdal

Boulevard Emile Bockstael 107

1020 Bruxelles

Les Deux Réfugiés:
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Ahmad and Mohamad Malas are Syrian actors and twin brothers. They fled their war-torn home country and sought refuge in France, where they wrote a tragicomedy inspired by “The Emigrants” by Slawomir Mrozek and by their own experiences. They have already performed in Jordan and France and will now show their play for the very first time in Belgium.

It is the story of two refugees who at first sight seem to have nothing in common. One is cultivated and sophisticated, the other is quite the opposite. They both fled their respective countries which were governed by tyrants to find themselves in a place where they have to communicate in broken French since they don’t have the same mother tongue. As the play progresses it becomes clear that the two men have more in common than they initially anticipated. They become real twins, united by the same fears, the same nostalgia and the same sufferance because of their forced exile.

2 performances on Saturday 30/09, preceded by some middle eastern delicacies offered by the npo Our House Project.

(English translation available)